Christus Statue

The ten foot high marble statue of the resurrected Saviour at the Washington Temple Visitors Centre.

Preston Temple

The Preston Temple is the centrepiece of a 15 acre Church complex that includes a stake centre, a missionary training centre, a family history facility, a distribution centre, temple patron housing, temple missionary housing, and a grounds building.


Indexing is the transfer of information from image form (records of families which have been photographed) to computerised form.


Once in computerised form (indexed) the records can be searched quickly and efficiently and become available through the Church FamilySearch website for anyone to search worldwide.


This operation is something that cannot be done by computer and still requires the human mind and common human skills to accomplish. It is something that can be done by anyone from 12 years of age upward, who can use a computer. Comprehensive help is shown below to get you started and to help you on your way to becoming an expert.






General videos on indexing.


The Granite Mountain Records Vault in the Wasatch Range of Utah

These two videos illustrate the scope of the task being achieved. Over 110 years of work has already been done gathering and filming genealogical records from all over the world. Our task now is to transfer these to computer for all to see and use in their research.

Video 1   Video 2


Links to help information

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Additional tips

If trying to determine a town name when you know the county, you can try looking on Google. Enter the county followed by what you think is the town name and do a search. Does the location exist in the county? Or try the town name alone. Does it exist at all?

Try Wiki at FamilySearch: click

Then (for Internet Explorer) you can use <ALT> E - Find on this page - to search for your location.

The Gazetteer at GENUKI is useful to identify location names in counties: click

A good UK road atlas with fine detail can be a great help too.

Use all the resources you can in order to enter accurate information.


Telephone Support

For all official help: click

Select Get Help at the top right of the screen.

Telephone help number: 00800 1830 1830. For indexing press 2 from the menu. Friendly help to guide you with any questions you have. Use as much as you like.