Christus Statue

The ten foot high marble statue of the resurrected Saviour at the Washington Temple Visitors Centre.

Preston Temple

The Preston Temple is the centrepiece of a 15 acre Church complex that includes a stake centre, a missionary training centre, a family history facility, a distribution centre, temple patron housing, temple missionary housing, and a grounds building.


The purpose of this website is to provide help to those who wish to expand their family tree, submit names to the Temples and engage generally in Family History pursuits.

The site includes many links to instruction videos, various software programs and other websites. Many sites are completely free to use, but some sites require a subscription payment before you can obtain useful information. Where there is a potential cost, we make the distinction clear. There are also reviews of third party software and some third party websites.


We have personal experiences from those who have been engaged in extensive research. If you would like to contribute in this area, then we shall be pleased to consider and publish your story. Please send by email to: My Story

If you would like to serve a support mission in Family History then we have some information on that as well. You may have some time to spare but not enough to serve a mission. In that case, please take a look at helping with the Indexing projects. There's enough information and help to get you started.

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